August 17, 2017 I began the next HUGE  chapter of my life; moving into college. With this I decided that I could make a blog series intertwined with my other life posts just about my experiences in college. This is from the perspective of an eighteen year old grandma I would like to say. I’m not really into parties. I like a good time, but not like everyone else apparently. My first week of college was nothing like I had ever imagined it would be like. We began our freshman welcome weekend that was a mandatory event for all incoming freshmen. During this time my internship at Clemson University was beginning so I had to leave one day to go do interviews. During this time my family life was thrown for a loop. My mom called and said that my dad was in emergency surgery to save his life. Nothing in this world can ever prepare anyone for that statement coming from your mom’s mouth. I was in Clemson when she told me and she was in Greenville. It was the longest 45 minute drive of my life. God was on my side during that because even though I was going 20-30 mph over the speed limit and passed not one but two state troopers I did not get pulled over once. So here I was at Greenville Memorial Hospital in a sundress, hair a mess, and makeup cried off with my mom and my nana waiting. Waiting was the worse part about this whole experience. We had no idea what was going on. The surgery was supposed to take up to an hour and a half, but two and a half hours later we were still waiting for him to be done. During this time I called my roommate sobbing, my best friends sobbing, and sobbed with my mom who was trying to be positive during this whole event. I learned while I was waiting that they had to restart my dad’s heart in my driveway at home because it was going over 200 bpm. They were not only trying to save his life but also his leg. Here is my dad someone that fought for our country, guarded the Berlin Wall, tested parachutes, fell into trees because the parachutes failed, airborne ranger and special forced trained, laying in a hospital bed with death staring him in the face again. The emotions that I felt in this moment are some that I hope not even my worst enemy will ever have to face. I felt so alone. I had my mom and had the love of other family members and friends, but still I felt alone. My dad could die. He could have died if the blood clot went a different way. That’s something that stays with you forever. He made it out of surgery and it went well, but for three days we still had no idea if he would be able to keep his leg. I went back to school on Saturday and came back up to Greenville Sunday night and stayed until my mom basically made me go back late Monday night because classes started Tuesday. I face timed my mom all the time and in between classes called her. My dad went home on Thursday. I had officially been moved into college a week by that point and so much had happened. I started classes on the Tuesday and love every one of them, except for the fact that my English professor confused me all during her class. I met all of the sororities at Newberry and got so excited for rush to begin. I also had to deal with officially closing, locking, and throwing away the key to a relationship that is the definition of toxic. I learned that I need to become a priority in not only my life but in the life of any significant other I have. I need to be a higher priority than the next move. In the words of my best friend, “God handmade someone for you, but he can’t give them to you if you’re wasting time on the wrong one.” This is something that basically EVERYONE has been telling me for months, but I think you just need your bestest friend in the world to tell you for it to actually mean something. God created this life of mine to be full on trials and errors, heartbreaks and love, times of highs and lows, but one full of his grace. I can easily say that I had some choice words with him on my way from Clemson to home to see my dad, but in the end he is a loving father that provides for us in ways that are unimaginable. The blessings that he has given me even when I’ve thought he wasn’t even listening are some that I’ve needed for years. If anything during my first week of college I’ve learned that you need to pray a lot more then you think you actually think you need to.


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