For the girls that wear their hearts on their sleeves

This is for all of the girls that wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are the girls that love deeper and harder than most. She is the girl that wants to be loved and goes her whole life trying to find it. It’s the girl that takes every date and every guy that talks to her on a romantic level very seriously. She dreams of marriage and children one day with the love of her life. She cries because she cares and she cries harder when her heart is broken. They are the girls that you make fun of for day dreaming a life with that one guy that shes in love with. That girl is me and so many other girls.

Growing up being so sensitive and just wanting acceptance and love was and still is hard. Dealing with a heartbreak currently in my chapter of life only has added to it. I thought for once I had found that love that I have longed for, for so long, but I was wrong. So wrong in fact that everyone I have talked to about it tells me that I don’t deserve the hand that I was dealt, but it’s something that I love and is someone that I truly still love. When you have your “heart on you sleeve” you dream of finding the one. Or at least I do about everyday. I thought I had found that love and am still devastated that it’s over. That’s life though and that’s how it is for someone as sensitive as I am. When I say I’m sensitive it’s to the extent of if I just so happen as to see a picture of a sloth (my ABSOLUTE favorite animal) I will burst into tears because I love them that much.

I digress.

Being so emotionally sensitive my whole life has shaped me into the woman that I am today. I only say that because the things that I am taking on right now in this stage of my life are things that I never would’ve thought I would have done. I never thought I would have even been in this spot in my life. More on that topic in a later post! Wearing my heart on my sleeve is what makes me who I am. Of course I’m over sensitive, over protective, guarded, but I’m also who God made me to be. He would not have crafted me with my heart on my sleeve if he did not think that I can handle it. I question him sometimes as to why he thought that I was strong enough to take it on, but his plan is divine and holy and we shouldn’t question it. The events and people that he puts in our lives are all apart of his plan and it’s something that I love and am so grateful for.


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