The Demons In Your Closet

The demons in your closet that hide and lurk in the shadows. They represent your past. The scary the bad and the down right ugly. They stay there and haunt you in a way that ruin everything good in your life. They love to watch you fail and when you hurt they thrive. Recently my demons in my closet have come out into full view. With recent events in life the demons that I’ve hidden for so long have come and proved themselves right again. They’ve made me push away the one I love and made me lose them forever. You see the issue that we never seem to get past is that these demons are a part of you, but you try to hide them and want them to go away, but the only way that they can leave is if you speak about them and shed light on the things that hurt and bother you. Having them lurk in the shadows of your life constantly can ruin you as a human being. You have one life and you need to live it to the fullest in every way possible. We all have these demons some worse than others, but they’re always with us. They’ve shaped us into the people that we are. Personally mine have shaped me into someone that pushes everyone away. Once I begin to feel close and know that I can depend on someone I push them away and want them to leave. Then they do leave and I realize I never wanted this to happen. I never want to push the ones I love away, but I still manage to do so in some way. Is the wrong of me to do? No. Is it healthy for me or anyone to do? No. Is it something that can change over night? No. Can you make this better? Yes. The only way to make this better is that you have to confront them and take them head on. Don’t let them hold you back. History won’t repeat itself if you don’t let it. Answer questions, keep your temper neutral, pray hard, love even harder. Don’t let the demons in your closet hold you back. Take them head on and show them you can take them on and will.


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